An interesting little gem about stress:

Scientists have studied what happens when we’re stressed.

They found out that we’re reacting to modern stressors in exactly the same way as we used to when we were cavemen and faced with a life-threatening situation.

When your boss pressures you to meet a deadline, you might as well be faced with a bear. Your body reacts in the same way.

Except, once we escaped the bear, it usually wasn’t followed by another bear. And another. And another. We could just go back to the cave and relax. (my knowledge of cavemen life is admittedly pretty limited)

So the issue isn’t that your body doesn’t react properly to stress. It absolutely does.

The issue is that it doesn’t know how to relax anymore.

We’re jumping from one source of stress to another, from work to triggering posts on social media, from parenting to running a house… without ever allowing our brain to truly relax and recover.

And now chronic stress is linked to almost all of the leading causes of death in our countries.

That’s why I’ve been incorporating a lot more breath work and restorative postures in my practice and my students’.

Does that speak to you? Do you also feel like you don’t really know how to relax anymore? Tell me about it!