The iliopsoas is our strongest hip flexor and with all the sitting we’re doing at the moment, it can get very very tight and cause a whole lot of issues. If you have lower back pain, for example, try to do these stretches a few times a week and see if it helps.

  • High lunge: Back leg straight, front leg bent 90° with the knee just over the ankle. Contract the glutes on the back leg side. Stay for at least 30 seconds, then change side.
  • Psoas stretch/strengthen: Lying on a block or dense cushion placed at the base of the spine (not under the spine, but on the flat bone just above the pelvis). Stretch one leg and hold the other knee towards your chest. Push the bent knee against the hands to strengthen the psoas on this side while you reach away with the toes on the other side. Stay for 30 seconds, then switch.
  • Fallen bridge: Keep the block under the sacrum at the base of the spine and stretch both legs out. Arms can go over head for extra lengthening of the front body. Stay for about one minute.

Remember to breathe the whole time! Take care 🌸


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