Moving from fear and despair to confidence and joy 😌

1. Be curious instead of avoidant
Understanding what makes the pain worse and what makes it better. How it changes over time. Exploring safe ranges of motion. And from this knowledge, gaining confidence.

2. Nurture patience and self-compassion
You are not going to get anywhere by forcing your body, not respecting its needs, and getting frustrated at its limitations. Learning to let go and enjoying a softer approach is key.

3. Use a holistic approach
Everything is connected. Your muscles, your joints, your nerves, your organs, your brain. It all works together and should be treated as such. When you change the way you breathe, your mindset, your stress levels
 you affect the rest of the body, and vice versa.

It sounds complicated, but it only means there are TONS of tools, tons of opportunities to feel better.

If you need help navigating through this, DM me. Don’t stay alone with the burden of persistent pain 💜