5 years, 5 notebooks filled with (almost) all the classes I’ve taught.

5 years ago I came back from India a yoga teacher. I have learnt, experienced and grown so much since! It truly changed my life for the better.

I’m grateful for Himalaya Yoga Valley for giving me the opportunity to learn in the best conditions possible and with some of the best people on the planet. I made friends there I will cherish forever ❤️

Grateful for all the students who have trusted me over the years, even when I was just starting and my voice was still shaking 😅

Grateful for myself, to have made the tough decision to turn my life around and invest in myself in many different ways! I’m hoping I inspired some people to believe in themselves along the way.

Grateful for Liam who supports me every time I doubt myself. He made me realize how important to have a cheerleader by your side!
I’m so excited about the next five years and beyond 🤩