If you are struggling to find the motivation to change your situation… I’d argue that it could be that you are not suffering enough.

And yes, it can be a bad thing.

If you were at a 2 or 3, in a situation so bad you can’t stand it anymore… you would definitely find the motivation to change your habits.

👉 A pain so bad you can barely move.
👉 Stress levels so high you can barely function.
👉 Or sleeping so little that it affects every part of your waking hours.

But at a 7, you’re used to feeling a bit shit all the time.

It’s not bad enough to push you to change, even though you know you could be feeling so much better if you did.

Most people live their lives there, at a 7.

And only start taking action when something gets very wrong (slipped disc, nervous breakdown, etc.)

I was in this situation last year, and I didn’t want to be most people.

I wanted a 10/10 life.

So I decided to leave my 7/10 job (translator at Nintendo) to pursue my 10/10 career in yoga. (not saying it’s easy) (at all)

👉 Where in your life are you settling for a 7/10?

I go a little deeper on the subject in this podcast episode.
Give it a listen and tell me your thoughts 🙂