When I started exercising in 2013, I was SO insecure that I refused to let anyone see me.

I was exercising at home with YouTube videos and when my boyfriend was there, I locked myself in my bedroom to train so he wouldn’t see me.

Three years later, it literally became my job to exercise in front of people.

What happened? Simple: I gained confidence.

I was completely disconnected from my body in 2013. I hated it, I didn’t appreciate any parts of it, I didn’t know how to use it. I was convinced that my body was weak and I was just 💩 at exercise in general.

Becoming aware of all the things I was capable of, even with my (very) limited strength and flexibility changed everything.

If that sounds like you, I’m begging you not to let these self-limiting beliefs stop you.

You deserve to feel good, healthy and strong.

Take online classes (on YouTube if you’re disciplined or with a coach/teacher), start where you feel less uncomfortable, but start.

This is your sign. Do it!