2509, 2022

You don’t have bad posture. Here’s why.

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There is no “bad posture”. It’s just a posture that you have adopted many times, that served a purpose, but now you’re a bit stuck in it and you slowly lose access to your full range of motion. It’s not inherently bad and it’s certainly not permanent. The body is always adapting to what you are doing, so it only [...]

2209, 2022

Read this if you struggle to fall asleep in the evening!

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It's getting late, you've had a long day, but you don't feel sleepy. Sounds familiar? Ever wondered what causes sleepiness? Lucky for you, I have! I'm going to break it down for you, so you can hack your brain into sleep. A story of hormones Two different hormones cause sleepiness: adenosine and melatonin (stay with me!) The more adenosine you [...]

1809, 2022

Yoga, grief and spirituality

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I recently received a message from someone who read what I had written about grief and who wanted to know more about the yogic philosophy on this matter. I thought it might be of interest to other people, so I've translated my answer to share it here :)     Thank you so much for your message! I agree with [...]

1109, 2022

Hip mobility challenge!

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One possible reason for your pain is that your brain perceives lack of flexibility as a threat. Because from an evolutionary standpoint, if you aren’t mobile enough, you have less chance of survival. How are you gonna climb up a tree to escape a predator if you can’t even stand up without groaning? 🥲 So your brain enhances your [...]

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