2205, 2022

Why move with the breath?

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In the first video of the Pain-Free Mobility challenge, I encourage you to move at the same time as you breathe. I’ve been asked why we do that. What does it do? And how is it useful in this particular challenge? When we take an entire inhale to lift the arms up, for example, and an entire exhale to bring [...]

1505, 2022


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One of my students told me at the start of our class together this week: “I have pain everywhere! But I didn’t want to cancel the class so that you can show me what I can do.” First of all: Love this spirit ❤️ So what did we do? I asked him questions about his pain, so that we could [...]

805, 2022

Do yogis ever get angry?

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Yoga teachers are often thought to be (or expected to be) zen creatures. We look so blissful when we practice and surely, yoga has taught us to never feel any of these horrible negative emotions? Nope. I actually feel like I’ve never been as angry about various things as I am now. And I think I have yoga to thank [...]

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