1311, 2022

Are you self-conscious when you workout?

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When I started exercising in 2013, I was SO insecure that I refused to let anyone see me. I was exercising at home with YouTube videos and when my boyfriend was there, I locked myself in my bedroom to train so he wouldn’t see me. Three years later, it literally became my job to exercise in front of people. What [...]

3010, 2022

Afraid of flying? Read this!

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I am scared of flying. I absolutely hate being on a plane to the point where I almost hope that my flights get cancelled. I used to pop an anti-anxiety pill strong enough to knock me out for most of the flight, but I don’t want to do that anymore. Instead, I’ve learnt to work with my physiology  If I [...]

2310, 2022

Do you know the four pillars of health?

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Most of us know we could probably take better care of our health, but it's such an overwhelming subject that we tend to leave it at that. If you'd like to go a bit deeper on the subject, a good framework to look at is the 4 pillars of health. Food Movement Relaxation Sleep It's simple. Ask yourself... 👉 [...]

1610, 2022

Don’t trust how you feel about your life after 9PM

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Have you noticed that you tend to question your life choices a lot more when you're tired? There's a scientific explanation for that. Studies have shown that when we lack sleep, our amygdala (the gas pedal of our emotions) is up to 60% more active. That's huge. Whereas the prefrontal cortex (aka the brakes) is underactive. In simpler terms, [...]

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