5 postures against Dead Butt Syndrome

Low Lunge

5 breaths each side

Stretches the hip flexors.

Bonus: Tuck the toes on the back leg and lift the knee off the floor to makes the glutes work!

Half Moon

5 breaths each side

You can also use a chair instead of a block to make it easier. Focus more on lifting the leg as high as you can!

Hamstring Stretch

5 breaths each leg

Keep your upper body relaxed. You can hold the back of your thigh with your hands if you don’t have a strap. Focus on straightening the top leg without forcing.


5-10 breaths

Press the feet into the floor and squeeze your bum muscles to lift the hips up. Arms overhead is a bonus, you can also just leave them by your side.


5-10 breaths

Clasp your hands behind your lower back and lift everything off of the floor. Try to make yourself as long as possible!

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