Ask yourself (and write down the answer!):

What was the best part of my day?

Even at the end of a 💩 day.
Especially at the end of a 💩 day.

Doing this simple thing has helped me change my perspective on my day in many, many occasions!
I’ll have a really stressful day, feel grumpy and annoyed at everything… and then I take a minute to think about what the best part was, and suddenly I’m smiling again 😊

It also helps us realize that it’s the little things that consistently bring us happiness. The best part of my day rarely is something huge or out of the ordinary.
Shedding a light on them makes us appreciate them more in our daily life.

Try this for a week, and let me know what effects you notice on your happiness levels.


Instead of asking your partner, roommate, best friend… “How was your day?”, ask them this question instead.

What was the best part of your day?

Notice how different an answer you get and how much joy it brings you and them.