I was “forced” to start using Google Calendar when I became a teacher, to keep track of all my classes, but it’s been helpful way beyond that.

I used to go with the flow and do things when I felt like it, and I still do to some extent, but having dedicated time for all the things that matter to me have helped me grow so much.

I like a good mix of stability and flexibility in my body and in my life.

For example, I have 3 hours of studying set in my calendar every Sunday morning. Some weeks I do 5, some weeks I watch Columbo instead.
But I know that 80% of the time, I get studying done, and long term it truly pays off.

Having a calendar gives me consistency over time, and prevents life from getting in the way of the person I want to be.
Do you use a calendar for your personal “goals”? Do you find it helpful?

Here’s a little self-study for you to do today.

As always:
– it should be realistic
– it doesn’t need to be perfect
– it should allow for a certain amount of flexibility
Also, make sure you book time to REST. To do NOTHING. It’s as important as the rest of your schedule, if not more.
Let me know how it goes 🥰