The worst thing you can do if you can’t sleep is ruminating in bed, counting how many hours are left until you have to get up.

Here are a few science-based techniques you can try to prime your nervous system for sleep.

The 3rd one is a game changer 🤯

1- Go to another room and do something relaxing

For example: listen to a story-based podcast, meditate, dim the lights and read…

Avoid screens or anything that is too engaging/stimulating.

Why it works:

  • Your brain won’t associate being in bed with being awake and anxious.
  • It avoids ruminating and stressing, which won’t help you fall asleep.

2- Take yourself on a mental walk

Think about a walk that you do regularly.

Visualise it in great details: how you get ready to leave, which way you turn when you walk out the door, what you see on your way…

Why it works:

  • It takes the mind off of itself and might just relax your nervous system enough for you to fall asleep.

3- Accept and Rest

If nothing seems to work, stop fighting.

Accept that this night won’t be great for sleep and that you can just rest instead.

Why it works:

  • It takes the pressure off.
  • Resting is nicer than panicking.
  • Letting go of the struggle is often enough for the brain to actually fall asleep.

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