I studied psychology for 6 years because I wanted to understand the mind and help people the way psychologists helped me.
I changed careers not because I wasn’t interested in it anymore, but because I was disillusioned by the French education system. God knows I’m as passionate about it as I was then.
I am so happy that I managed to find my way back into a career where I get to help people be their best self.
Through yoga and mobility work, we heal the body, yes… but we also build a better relationship between the body and the mind.
Through stretching and breath work, we balance the nervous system and reduce stress hormones.
Through mindfulness, we are taken away from ruminating on the past and projecting into an uncertain future, and brought back to the present moment, the only time that truly matters.
Through the yogic philosophy, we learn that we are not broken and that with simple guidance we can live a more honest, joyful and kind life.
I have the best job in the world and I am so grateful for every student who has already crossed my path ❤️