Nobody loves remote work more than me, but… I have to admit it hasn’t been *great* for our attention.

One of my clients was telling me that before remote work, when she was in a meeting, she had no choice but to listen to what was said.

Nowadays, she attends the meeting on Zoom while answering messages on Teams, reading her incoming emails, checking her texts and sometimes unloading her washing machine 😂💀

She then finds it harder and harder to focus on only one thing at a time in her everyday life… her mind is constantly scattered and restless.

Can you relate?

She treasures our sessions together because not only do we work on releasing tension in her body… we also train her mind to be present.

Through yoga and light meditation… we train her mind to focus on only one thing.

You’d be surprised how good it feels to quieten the incessant stream of thoughts and worries.

Wanna give it a try?

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You’ll get:

✨ A Consultation: We discuss your current situation, your goals and needs, and decide on a plan of action together.

✨ A Yoga Class: We meet online or in-person and explore the practices that benefit you most.

✨ 7 Days of Support: I’ll craft the perfect routine for you, and support you while you put your plan into action!

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