You’re not getting enough sleep, there’s no way around it.

But you don’t *have to* sleep for 8 hours every single night.

In fact, setting yourself an unrealistic goal is only going to demotivate you.

Any additional minute of sleep counts.

If you’re used to getting 5 hours, try going to bed 10 minutes earlier.

5:10 of sleep is better than 5:00.

These 10 extra minutes might be enough to start a virtuous cycle:
↪️ You feel a little more rested.
↪️ You’re able to better focus.
↪️ You don’t need as much caffeine.
↪️ You feel sleepy earlier at night.
↪️ You go to bed a bit earlier.

Don’t allow yourself to give up on sleep altogether because you can’t do it perfectly.

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