A lesser known benefit of yoga is improving proprioception, the sense of where your body is in space.

If I tell you: “Stand up, spread your legs apart, turn your right foot towards the right and keep your left foot facing forward.” it sounds easy enough, right? But chances are, if you actually try to do it and your mind-body connection isn’t well trained, you’re going to need some time to figure out which foot you need to turn, where is “right”, what is “forward” relative to where you stand, etc.

I see beginner yogis struggle with this all the time, and it’s really nice to watch students grow into being able to move gracefully from one pose to the next, confident about their movements.
Because that’s what I think the main benefit is ultimately: confidence. When your proprioception is good, you know where your body is in space and how to move it safely and efficiently. You feel supported by your joints and there are less risks of injury. And in the end, it is what will allow you to stay mobile as long as possible when you grow older.

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