Should we strive to always be in the present moment if our minds keep wandering?

The nature of the mind is to wander, to mull over the past, to try and predict the future…

It’s impossible to be present at all times.

But it doesn’t mean we can try to make it happen more often.

If you think of the times of joy in your life, you were fully present.

☀️ When your baby took their first steps.

☀️ When you traveled to another country and marveled at the landscapes.

☀️ When you finally killed that super hard boss.

You were fully immersed in what you were doing.

So I would say that training your brain to be present more often,

to experience similar joyful moments fully,

is a worthwhile endeavour :)

👉 I talk about it more on this episode of my Q&A podcast! Give it a listen 💜