I used to wake up as late as possible and show up to work with puffy eyes and pillow marks on my face, asking everybody not to talk to me before 11:00…

If that sounds familiar, how does that work for you?

Momentum is a powerful force, so if you start your day feeling like shit… it’s gonna take extra effort to reverse that trend.

Here is the recipe that transformed my days.

Please adapt it freely to fit your preferences!

As with everything else, you can’t just copy-paste something that works for someone else and expect it to 100% work for you as well.
Take a moment to figure out what is sustainable for you. What can you do every morning that you will wake up excited about doing?
I love my own morning routine, it makes me feel great and improves my days tenfold, so it’s not hard to wake up earlier and to keep doing it even on days where I don’t feel like leaving the bed.
If you need help, shoot me a DM and we’ll tailor something that fits your life 🥰