My mornings used to consist of: getting up as late as I could, dragging myself to the shower, running out of the door and missing my bus anyway…

With such a glorious start, it’s not a surprise that I used to feel stressed for the rest of the day.

I had already used all of my zen battery before I even left the house. It’s very hard to turn the day around after that.

Now I always make sure I have a few minutes to myself, where I can move, breathe and pay attention to how I feel.

It doesn’t take much, but it’s a non negotiable for me.

DM me “morning flow” and I’ll send you my 7-minute go-to morning flow. The one I always do when I’m short on time and energy, but I still want to show up relaxed 🥰

By the way, the beautiful quote is from Louise Hay 🤍