A little pet peeve of mine is when someone tells me they don’t have enough time to exercise / do yoga / meditate. I don’t judge, I’m guilty of having said “I don’t have time to study German” many times, but the fact is that in 99% of the cases, time is not the issue. It’s just that it’s not your priority. AND IT’S OKAY!

I find it liberating to switch the perspective from “I don’t have time to do X” to “it’s not my priority”. I used to feel guilty that I never seemed to find the time for German, and now I’m just okay with the fact that my current level is enough for me, and I prefer to use my free time for something else.

It also helps to figure out what your priorities actually are. In one year, five or twenty, what will you regret not doing today? I don’t think I will regret not learning more German, but I would definitely regret not taking care of my health.

Be honest with yourself. Maybe your priority in the morning is to sleep a little longer. Maybe your priority in the evening is to relax on the sofa. It’s all okay. But if you still think you don’t have enough time to stretch, check the amount of time you spent on your phone today!