You feel even less flexible in the morning *because* you haven’t moved much during the night.

When you don’t move for a long time, your tissues get dehydrated and sticky. (It’s also why you struggle to get up from your chair after a few hours at your desk.)

The only way to shake the stickiness off is to move.

But what happens if you don’t?

Not only does your body stay stiff, but it will get worse the night after. And the night after. Stickiness will lay on top of stickiness.

And this is how you lose mobility over time.

This is why I always recommend a bit of movement in the morning, even for a few minutes. To shake the stickiness away and start your day feeling good in your body.

Here’s a little sequence of movements that targets the entire body in under 5 minutes.

Shake off the stickiness with me ✨