Your brain only cares about one thing: your survival.

It’s wired to see threats.

You are constantly scanning your environment for things that could kill you. Or worse: upset you 🤭

You know what your brain doesn’t care about? Your happiness.

This is on you.

Seeing the positives requires a conscious effort.

Just like you can train your body to lift heavy things, you can train your brain to be more positive.

If every day, you have to think about things that you are grateful for, things that are good in your life, your brain will start to think this is important to you.

It will get better at seeing those things.

And you will be happier.

It’s not bullshit, it’s neuroscience.

Every time I meditate, practice gratitude, read inspiring books, take in the happy moments of my life… I like to think that I’m doing strength training for my happiness 🏋️‍♀️