If you are struggling to be consistent with exercising or simply your self-care routine in general, this will help ⬇️

There are several ways to look at discipline.

We can think about it as something we HAVE to do.
A hard rule that we shouldn’t ever break.

But that’s not very enticing and it’s setting ourselves for disappointment when life inevitably happens and we break this rule.

Or we can think about it as something we GET to do.

A chance to prove ourselves that we can show up for ourselves day after day, even when we don’t feel like it.
Because we know the end goal is worth it.

We learn to delay gratification (such a precious skill!), we see progress that feeds our motivation, and we gain the confidence that we can do things that most people can’t.

There are tons of ways to make it more fun or accessible. Gamifying it, setting range targets instead of a set one, getting support and guidance are some of them.

Discipline is the 3rd niyama of the yogic philosophy. Check out this podcast episode to hear more about this and how you can make it easier to stick to your routine 🤍