“You’re so stupid.” “You’re going to fail.” “Nobody likes you.”

Would you ever talk to a friend like this?

Then why do we think it’s acceptable to say these things to ourselves?

For many of us, “self-compassion” is a cringey, wishy-washy concept.

But in an absolutely SHOCKING TWIST, science has shown that being kind to yourself is a much more effective way to succeed at anything than insulting yourself. (crazy, I know)

We need to let go of this idea that being kind to ourselves means we’re being lazy or self-indulgent. It’s dragging us down and making us miserable.

It can be hard to let go of this negative self-talk, though, even when we’re aware of it.

So use patience and self-compassion there too.

And if you want someone who will always be on your side and give you the support you deserve, I will 100% be that person.