It’s rarely just one thing. They’re more often an accumulation.

One day you pick something up from the floor and you feel a sharp pain in your back.

It’s not that particular movement that caused the injury.
It’s the years of allowing your back muscles to become weak, the years of noticing the stiffness in your legs and not doing much about it, the years of adopting a terrible posture at your desk and shrugging it off.

Being stuck in the same shitty patterns is the issue.

But the beautiful thing is that the body is always changing, always adapting.

If you start changing your patterns today, it will start responding immediately.

You wouldn’t believe the changes I see in my students after just a few months of regular practice! (I sometimes can’t believe it myself 😂)

If you’re ready to break your patterns and give your body the love it deserves, send me a message, and we’ll see how I can help ❤️