If you spend a lot of time sitting, you might have Dead Butt Syndrome (also called “gluteal amnesia”, but it sounds less funny).

This happens when one of the muscles of the pelvis (the gluteus medius) stops firing properly. It can cause issues like lower back or knee pain, because the rest of the body tries to compensate.

If you’ve ever been on a long flight and your bum started to feel numb or even sore, that was a mild case of DBS. You only have to stand up and take a few steps for the feeling to dissipate.

But if you work at a desk all day long with few breaks, it could lead to a more serious case of deadbuttism (yes, I just made this word up).

How to prevent or relieve Dead Butt Syndrome?

👉 Take regular breaks from your chair during your working day (minimum 1-2 minutes every hour). I really like my Apple Watch for this, because it has a built-in hourly reminder to get up and take a few steps, but there are other apps you can use like Stand up! or Awareness.

👉 Strengthen your butt! With lunges, bridges, locusts…

👉 Stretch your hamstrings (back of the thigh) and hip flexors (front of the hip).

If you want a list of 5 postures that’ll help bring some life back into your glutes, contact me here and I’ll send it your way!