It might work in the short term because we feel guilty enough to act.

But you cannot be consistent without self-compassion.

If you aren’t kind to yourself, you will always end up sabotaging your own efforts.

It is possible to love yourself as you are now, and still want to change.

Because you know you deserve to feel healthy, energised and peaceful. Crazy, I know.

Imagine trying to encourage your best friend or your kid by telling them they’re lazy, they’re not doing enough, they should be better.

You would never do that (I hope).

I wanna show you there’s another way to make the changes you want. A gentle, compassionate and caring way.

Where we look at your life and make some tweaks here and there to help you feel a 1000 times better.

Not because you should. But because you deserve it.

If you want help to make positive changes to your life and self-care habits, enquire through the link below. I would love to support you.