I was born with a hole in my heart that reduced the amount of oxygen in my blood, and because of another illness, I was pumped full of antibiotics several times a year, for 20 years.

I was doing well in school, so I just decided that since my brain worked well, I would just disconnect with the rest of my body.

My chronic illness stopped the same year I started yoga.

I’m not saying yoga cured me, but I do think they are linked in the sense that I made the conscious decision that I would not be a passive observer of whatever was going on in my body anymore.

I wanted to regain some sort of control, because I wasn’t getting any younger, and the pain clearly wasn’t gonna go away on its own.

This is why I love working with people who hate exercising. Who have checked out of their own body but realize that it’s costing them so much.
I love to show them how little it takes to see big changes.

How precious it is to know the basics of your own health and a handful of tools to support the brilliant machinery of your own body.