If you’re working from home, a good chair is particularly important.

My main advice on the subject is: don’t buy a gaming chair, they’re often overpriced and overrated (and ugly).

I use one that cost around 400€ (which is already quite pricey) and I like it because it allows me to sit cross-legged.

But the best chair…

The best chair is the one I offered Liam for his birthday last year. It’s an Ergo Chair 2 from Autonomous, and it was only around 300€, but it’s SO COMFORTABLE!

Here’s the proof:

I rest my case.

But seriously, whatever chair you use, the best thing you can do for your back (and nervous system) is to stand up and walk for about  minute every hour. Grab a drink, pet your cat, wash your face… or just walk on the spot for one minute. I promise you it’s worth it.