Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not possible to catch up on lost sleep.

Any sleep you don’t get robs you of its benefits (on your memory, emotional state, focus, weight regulation, waste cleaning, etc.)

You can limit part of the damage by clearing your “sleep debt”, but it takes up to 9 days of sleeping as much as your body wants to.

So to fix part of the damage, a lie-in on the weekend is definitely not enough.

What to do instead?

Simple (not easy): work on improving your sleep hygiene during the week.

Aim to sleep more. By improving your habits around alcohol, late dinners, Netflix, your phone, your snoring partner, your tendency to hit snooze in the morning…

Anything you can improve is worth it.

If you need help with that, I’d strongly recommend you download my free guide “7 Days for Better Sleep”.

7 days of simple tips and practices you can implement TODAY to improve your sleep quality and quantity 🤍

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