If you think fit and flexible people are a different breed to you, think again.

You can binge watch true crime, play games for hours every day, have an office job and live in a healthy, mobile body.

All it takes is the knowledge of what’s right for your body and a bit of consistent practice.

I like to drop into a stretch when I’m doing something else, like here.

📺 You could sit in straddle while watching Netflix.
👶 You could sit in butterfly when you’re playing with your child.
👾You could stretch your hamstrings every time there’s a loading screen.
😴 You could stretch your shoulders in between pressing snooze in the morning.

The list is endless and once you know what to do, it’s just about small habits that build up into a healthy routine!

Wanna know which habits would benefit you the most? Send me a DM and we’ll figure it out together! 📩