On March 19th I will be celebrating one year of online teaching 😮 I’m planning to celebrate with 5 additional classes between the 22/03 and 27/03!

🌟 3 Meditation classes where I will guide you through the meditation I do every morning to start the day right.

🌟 2 Get strong! classes on Tuesday and Saturday. These are bodyweight strengthening classes, accessible to anyone AND challenging to everyone!

🌟 You get a 20% discount if you book at least 3 classes during this week :)

🌟 These classes are included in the Pass 28!

After this, I will take a well-deserved one week break from online teaching 😄 If these classes are successful though, they might make it to the regular schedule.

For more info on these classes and to book them, click here and follow the little stars.