5 week Pain-Free Mobility programme

You could figure it out on your own.

Typing your symptoms in Google, browsing YouTube in hopes of finding the right stretch for this tension in your upper back, following yoga classes here and there…

Seeing countless doctors and physiotherapists for temporary treatments, whose only advice turn out to be “You should probably strengthen your back” and who leave you with more questions than answers.

I know cause I’ve been there.

I’ve been there so much that I got passionate about finding these answers.
About finding a way to never go through this again.

Shall we take a shortcut?

Let me show you a way to fix your postural pains effectively
and give you the tools to do it yourself forever!

In this short programme, we use a unique blend of yoga, mobility exercises and self-massage techniques to craft a routine that is specific to YOUR body.

It includes:

  • Five 60 minutes classes
  • Simple homework tailored to your needs and schedule
  • Access to exclusive resources on my website
  • Support in-between classes

It can be fully online or in-person if you live in Frankfurt.


Optional Taster class: 85€
Perfect if you’d like a taster before committing!

5-week programme: 475€

Here’s what my students say…

Right after we started our classes, I immediately realized that I had a lot of problems with my posture, and most of them I didn’t even know. Clem always guides me really well about myself, so i can notice even the smallest details about my own body and work on them.


Gradually correcting my posture over time allowed me to be more active in my life and cured my pains. I can easily say that Clem is an excellent Yoga teacher and she adapts her Yoga lessons to suit your needs. Thank you Clem !


I am severely overweight and suffer from depression. I had always found yoga interesting, but thought it was not for me. I found with Clem a teacher that adapts every individual lesson to my needs, abilities, and requests. It is never twice the same lesson because she includes each time new postures or variations.


She explains also how our body and our muscles work, and it is always very interesting. I am gaining a lot of mobility and self-assurance thanks to Clem, and I am extremely grateful for that.


If I noticed any progress? I don’t have pain anymore, I don’t feel tightness in my body and I feel so much better than 5 weeks ago!


I feel 10 years younger!



  • How much does it cost and can I pay in installments?

The programme costs 475€ for 5 weeks and includes absolutely everything.
And yes, you can pay in two installments!

  • What equipment do I need?

If you choose to do the programme in-person, you only need comfortable clothes and a yoga/exercise mat.

If you do the programme online, you will also need two yoga blocks, a strap and two massage balls, which can be replaced with thick books, a belt and tennis balls.

  • Is the programme 1 to 1 or in a group?

It is entirely 1 to 1. I believe that since every body is different, you deserve to receive instructions that are specific to YOUR needs.

  • Can you diagnose my pain?

No. I am not a medical professional! The work I do with you is meant to support, not replace, any medical attention you might need.

Any other questions? Contact me or let’s discuss them on a call!

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