When you start yoga, there’s this idea that props (blocks, straps, etc.) are for beginners.

We’ve all been there and thought that, but it’s not true.

We think that if we need a block, it means we’re not flexible enough, and so we bend over backwards (sometimes literally) not to use it, and end up being uncomfortable or in a poor alignment.

When the body doesn’t feel safe and supported, it can’t relax.

When it can’t relax, it puts its defenses up.

When the defenses are up, you don’t gain any of the flexibility and relaxation you’re looking for.

So quiet down your ego. Forget about what you think the pose should look like.

Support your body the way it needs to be because I assure you, this is how you get where you want to go.

(Pictured: the aftermath of my practice this morning 🥰)