My 6 daily non negotiables for self-care ⬇️

• Move my body in some way, if only a little
It doesn’t need to be much, but I know I feel like 💩 if I sit for the entire day.

• Spend meaningful time with someone I love
You know I start my mornings with a hefty dose of love simply by playing with my pets 🐱 🐭 It just makes my mood 100 times better.

• Spend some time in nature
Or with nature, looking after my plants. Proven to lower your stress hormones almost instantly.

• Go to bed before 10pm
No one can sleep too little and feel great. It’s that simple.

• Nourish my body well
I don’t have a strict diet, but enough fruit and veg is one of the absolute basics of feeling good in our bodies.

• Do something tomorrow-me will thank me for
Because there’s no better feeling than having an easy day thanks to what you did the day before.

What about you? What are you doing for tomorrow-you today?