I was talking to one of my clients recently who feels guilty because she needs a lot of time to wake up in the morning and face the world.

Society wants us to be ready to go as soon as we get out of bed, but it’s just not how many of us work.

I used to live with one of my sisters who is very much a morning person (bright lights, loud music and high energy as soon as she wakes up) and it was… something I don’t ever want to experience again 😂

(I love her to bits but I still have PTSD symptoms when I hear Manu Chao now)

One of the reasons I choose to go to bed early is so I can have a few hours to myself in the morning and start slow.

I just know I’m a happier and better person when I respect my body’s rhythm.

What about you? Do you need time in the morning before you face the world?