Ten years ago, I could barely get out of my house.

My social anxiety was through the roof and the idea of being outside without immediate access to my safe space was unbearable.

I worked out the why in therapy. Then I built myself up from there. And that led me to yoga.

I often say that the reason people start doing yoga is rarely the same as why they keep doing it.

We start doing yoga because we want to be more flexible or because something’s wrong with our body.

But then, the philosophy behind the practice flows in and we realize that it’s all interconnected.

The way our body feels, the way our mind feels…

Yoga helped me heal the pains in my body, and that alone is incredible. But what it did to my mind is invaluable.

If you don’t understand how that could be possible from just doing postures on a mat, I recommend you give this podcast episode a listen.

In it I give a short introduction to the philosophy of yoga and how it can help us live a more peaceful life 💚

Let me know what you think!