… don’t exist.

If you look up “yoga poses for back pain” on Google, you’ll find a lot of results. And none of these people know what they are talking about.

Because there could be SO MANY reasons for your back pain.

On the purely physical level, you could have a herniated disc, a trapped nerve, too much tension or weakness in some muscles, too much laxity in some joints… The idea that a couple of yoga postures could address all of these potential issues is a bit ridiculous.

But also, pain is more than tissue damage.

And check this out: recent studies have found no link at all between back pain and tissue damage. There’s tons of people with severely herniated discs walking around with no pain at all, and as many people with excruciating pain and a healthy looking back.

How can we explain that?

The leading theory is that we don’t have pain receptors in our brain but threat receptors. Pain is something that our brain creates when it feels like our integrity is in danger. A way to warn us and encourage us to take action. It could be from an injury, sure. But it’s as likely to come from a little something called chronic stress.

Any of these for example has the potential to create or amplify your pain:

❌ poor sleep
❌ stressful relationships
❌ toxic workplace
❌ bad diet
❌ financial worries

This is why my Pain-Free Mobility programme addresses sleep and stress regulation as well as mobility issues.

The body works as a whole and should be cared for as such.

If stress relief and an improved mobility sound like something your could benefit from, I encourage you to learn more about my programme and contact me with any questions you might have!