I have now been teaching prenatal yoga for a year, and I’ve had the honour of following quite a few women through this incredible time of their lives. After this year, I can say that the benefits of doing prenatal yoga cannot be overstated.

When I started studying for my certification, I thought I would learn to adapt a regular yoga practice to a pregnant body and to ease some discomfort linked to pregnancy, like back pain and cramps. It’s actually much more than that!

Before I start every prenatal course, I ask my students what they want to get from it. I get various answers, but every single one of them include birth preparation. And of course, giving birth is never going to be fun and painless, but prenatal yoga can give you the tools to feel prepared for whatever happens.

When the time comes, you know better how to trust your body, how to breathe and move to support the process, and how to stay calm even when your perfect birth plans fly out of the window.

Here are some of the themes I like to work with during a prenatal course:

  • Ahimsa (self-love and gratitude)
  • Stamina for birth
  • Linking breath with movement and pelvic floor work
  • Relax and let go
  • Active birth and postnatal care

Because every woman is different and every pregnancy is different, I think the one-on-one format is ideal for prenatal yoga. Some women can stay very active until the end of pregnancy, others benefit more from deeply restorative classes.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me anytime. I give prenatal classes in person in Frankfurt, at your home or in my humble home studio (pictured above), and online at a reduced price.

I would love to guide you and help you get the best possible experience of pregnancy!