If you wait until all the conditions are perfect to build a healthier routine, be it exercise, meditation or diet… you will wait forever.

Life is messy, things are always happening.

And guess what? The perfect time to start might actually be when the conditions are not ideal.

It’s easy to be healthy when your schedule is clear, you sleep well, the sun is shining and your motivation is high.

But what happens when any of that is disrupted? It all goes out the window!

But hear me out.

If you build these habits in rainy, gloomy December, with the end of year stress and holidays around the corner… They will be able to withstand ANYTHING.

Get the support you need to learn how to make healthy habits part of your regular, beautifully imperfect life, and you will be setting yourself up for long term success.

If you need help, my DMs are always open 💜 Tell me what you’re struggling with the most!