I wanna share a little personal story that happened to me this month.

I went to see my physiotherapist and my massage therapist on the same day Tuesday. It was fucking intense.

They released so much tension from my upper back, shoulders and arms. It’s where I hold most of the tension in my body and that causes some issues.

Anyway, the day after I felt completely DRAINED. I had no energy and I was feeling kinda sad. I felt like all the tension that they helped release was what was holding me up. What kept me going.

And it probably was.

My point here is that we hold patterns in our body for a reason. Everything that you do, you’re doing it because it has helped you before. Standing in a certain way, holding tension in your shoulders or elsewhere has been useful to you in the past. Maybe it even helped you survive.

The issue arises when you are stuck in a pattern that doesn’t serve you anymore. When your body doesn’t know how to function any other way.

Do you feel like you are limited in your movements? That you have pain always in the same place? Where do you hold your tension?