I’ve often been told “Oh, I couldn’t do yoga every day like you, I don’t have the willpower.”
But the truth is: I don’t have it either.
If I didn’t like it, if I didn’t value it, I wouldn’t do it.
I have a very clear image of where I want to be in the future, and a big part of it is being healthy and being able to move without pain.
So health is very high on my priority list now.
I align my actions with my wish for the future and I curate my environment to help me get there.
I go to bed early and I make time in my calendar for my yoga practice, even when life gets busy.
I happen to really enjoy doing yoga, so it helps, of course 😊 But it took a while to find the form of movement I enjoy. (I even tried 😱 running 😱 can you imagine??
It didn’t last long.)
I found yoga because I was actively looking for something I enjoyed doing that would improve my health.
The point is: don’t count on willpower or motivation alone to get you to do the right things for you. You have to make a conscious choice and help yourself achieve your goals.
There’s an element of discipline, of course, but if you don’t enjoy it and don’t change your environment to suit your goal, it’s going to be ten times harder.
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