December is a challenging month for me, and I think for a lot of people.

It’s when I used to go back to my Dad’s to spend Christmas with my family. I was dreading it at the time because all kinds of family drama would always pop up, but now the entire month is just shrouded in grief.

Yoga offers guidance for this too.

It helps me remember that:

It will pass. The “good” feelings, the “bad” feelings… nothing is meant to last.

Everything I feel is valid. Those good and bad feelings are only good or bad because it’s how I decide to label them.

There is a place for anger, sadness and loneliness just like there is a place for joy, love and contentment.

So I embrace all of the grief, let it course through me and weave it with gratitude for my Dad and everything he brought me.

Whatever comes up, let it be. Don’t act it out, don’t turn it into something else. Sit with it.

And if you want or need to talk it through with someone, I’m here. 💜