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My name is Clémence, I am a French yoga teacher and videogame translator, living in Frankfurt Am Main since 2010.

I help sedentary people move without pain and feel better in their own skin.
Contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Group classes

I give yoga, fitness and stretching classes via Zoom.
These classes are recorded and accessible for 72 hours on replay to anyone who has registered.

Private classes

Want to increase your mobility and get more than a temporary fix for your back pain? To be able to sit comfortably or to touch your toes? Or are you simply looking for an enjoyable way to move more and take ownership of your health, whatever your starting point is?

My 5 week Pain-Free Mobility programme includes:

🌸 Classes tailored to your own needs that you can fit in your schedule
🌸 Practice online or in my home studio
🌸 Customized homework to continue working towards your goal when we’re not together
🌸 My undying support and new knowledge about your own body!

Interested? Send me a message or let’s schedule a Zoom call to chat about it.


  • 5 week Pain-Free Mobility Programme: 350€
  • Single class (60 min): 75€

Private classes are the same price if you bring a friend along! Share your yoga with a partner, a friend or a family member, and you can split the bill while enjoying the benefits of a private class!


Would you like to offer one or several classes to a loved one?
I offer beautifully customized vouchers that have no expiration date.

Clem is an exceptional Yoga Teacher, I really enjoy each yoga session with her, personally the class calm me down but also makes me sweat a lot, it is a great mix 🙂
Carolina, on Facebook
I like the feeling that Clem is always present in the room and transmits us her confidence and experience.
Namaste lovely Clem
Carolina, on Facebook
The sessions with Clem are great. She is very clear and calm through the class. She will adapt to your needs :)
Laura, on Google

She always offers different variations for all the levels, meaning that even if you’ve never done yoga before, you won’t feel intimidated by the difficulty.

Laura, on Google
I’ve had yoga with Clem both in groups and individually. I can only say she is an excellent yoga teacher.
Éric, on Google

She is dedicated to her students and always adapts the content of the sessions following their needs.

Éric, on Google

Great yoga teacher with very clear instructions and flexible to reschedule the appointments.

Irshad, on Google

Really great yoga classes for every level. Patient and creative teacher.

Suzanne, on Google

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

There are tons of benefits to practicing yoga during pregnancy, including alleviating the discomforts of pregnancy, preparing the body and mind for the birth, reducing the stress levels of the mother and empowering her during this extraordinary time of her life. Please check this blog post for more info about the wonders of prenatal yoga.

After the birth, yoga can also help the mother feel better, restore stability in the body and transition into this new role, if only by giving her an hour to herself!

I can travel to your home to give you the most comfortable and stress-free experience. And if you know another future mum, you are welcome to share these classes with her!

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to book a class.


Private classes are 60 minutes long.

  • Introductory: 50€
  • Prenatal or Postnatal package: 420€ for 6 classes

Yoga with Clem was the best decision I made in my third trimester of pregnancy. She teaches calmly, putting safety at the forefront.

Chetna, on Facebook

Clem is funny and very accommodating to change in the class schedule. Prenatal yoga gave me calmness, healthy mind and relaxing body. Thank you Clem 🙂

Chetna, on Facebook
While giving birth will never be fun, I felt well prepared thanks to your classes ;) Learning body awareness and how to breathe properly has made all the difference!
Janine, by e-mail


My journey

I was born with a heart defect that meant that I would get out of breath a lot faster than the other kids. Amazingly, as I grew up my heart healed itself, but I always saw myself as “not made for sports”. When I was 27, overweight and depressed, I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. I started to eat better and forced myself to exercise. Very quickly I realised that there’s no such thing as “not being made for sports”, I just had to find out what worked for me.
I discovered yoga through fitness and strength training. First as a way to stretch my body after hard lifting sessions, but very soon, I fell in love with the entire practice.

I was amazed at what my body was capable of, after a lifetime of thinking that I was too weak, too fat, too lazy to do anything. This, the simple joy of being able to breathe freely and the sense of calm that overwhelmed me after each practice made me want to include yoga into my life even more.

I was lucky enough to practice with incredible teachers who inspired me to share my passion for yoga with my own students. I went to India to complete my teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley, with Lalit Kumar, a student of BKS Iyengar. I have completed various other trainings since, including pre and post natal yoga.

Why do I teach yoga?

Yoga has completely changed my life for the better, and simply put, I want to help people feel better too. What I love about yoga is that it’s for everybody, no matter the gender, age, body type, fitness level, wealth, social skills… Everybody can practice yoga and feel the benefits almost immediately.

My aim as a teacher is to inspire my students to take charge of their own health and well-being.

My teaching style

My teaching style is calm and down-to-earth. I’m passionate about anatomy and I also have the utmost respect for the origins of yoga, and all of the philosophical aspects of the practice.

What is yoga?

More than simply a form of exercise, yoga is an Indian philosophy that’s thousands of years old.
It has evolved a lot, especially in the last century or so when it spread to the West.

Originally, the postures (or asanas) were merely a way to prepare the body to sustain long periods of meditation, in order to achieve self-realisation, enlightenment (or Samadhi, in Sanskrit).
Nowadays, the focus of the practice has shifted, and we mostly practice yoga as a way to heal the body and mind, and keep them both healthy.

So how do we go about it?

It’s important to note that yoga is a lifestyle and ideally, we follow its philosophy at all times. But for the sake of simplicity, we can say that there are three main components of yoga inside the classroom.

  • Pranayama, or breathing techniques: in yoga, the breath is our energy and our most powerful tool. By learning to pay attention to our breath and to breathe better, we can learn to connect with our body and tame our mind.
  • Asanas, the postures: by practicing asanas, we build strength and flexibility in our entire body. Yoga has the particularity to work the body in all dimensions (as opposed to other forms of exercise where the same movements, using the same body parts are repeated over and over again).
    Its benefits against one of the major causes of pain of our time, the “desk posture” cannot be overestimated.
    In my opinion, one of the biggest aims of yoga is to get us to reconnect with our bodies. Nowadays, we have the tendency to be in our heads too much. We forget that we have a body, or we’re only reminded of it when something hurts. By learning to observe the sensations, to really feel, we can create this connection again and be more attentive to the signals our body sends us. We learn what’s good for us and what’s not. And as a result, better prevent injuries or disease.
  • Meditation: the same kind of attention can be applied to our minds, and as such, to our mental health. How often in our daily lives do we take the time to sit still, in silence and just be? Meditation can teach us to be more present, to observe and to relax. It is another a powerful tool against the stresses of the modern world.


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