More mobility.
Less pain.
No stress.

🌸 Do you sit a lot and feel it’s taking a toll on your body?

🌸 Would you like to feel more energetic and less stressed?

🌸 Are you looking for someone to guide you according to your unique needs and abilities?

You’re in the right place!


I’m giving away 5 Pain-Free Mobility Kickstart packages. This is your chance to get all you need to start your pain-free life!

Let’s work together!

12 weeks – Pain-Free Mobility

More than yoga classes, this in-depth programme brings you the support you need to integrate healthier habits into your life.

You get accountability and personalised guidance built from my years of experience with people like you.

The result 3 months from now? More mobility, less pain, no stress.

What my clients say…

Clem always guides me really well about myself, so i can notice even the smallest details about my own body and work on them.

Gradually correcting my posture over time allowed me to be more active in my life and cured my pains.

I can easily say that Clem is an excellent Yoga teacher and she adapts her Yoga lessons to suit your needs. Thank you Clem!

Doruk, 29, DevOps engineer

5 weeks – Your Body, Your Yoga

This short programme will give you all the tools you need for a yoga practice adapted to your needs and goals.

It includes five classes where we explore your mobility, meditation, breathwork and self-massage techniques. Plus I’ll give you some practices to do at home so that you experience the benefits in your everyday life!


  • 5 in-person private yoga classes
  • Customised routine and support in-between classes
  • Access to a library of practices to do at home


  • Same as above, but fully online!


Where are the in-person classes located?

I can come to you if you live in Frankfurt, or you can come to my home studio, located in the Dornbusch area.


Do you offer gift vouchers?

I do! I make beautiful customized vouchers for you to gift a loved one. Contact me to discuss the details!


Do you also do group classes?

I give an online group class every Thursday at 18:00 on Zoom. Follow this link for more info and booking!


Clem is an exceptional Yoga Teacher, I really enjoy each yoga session with her, personally the class calm me down but also makes me sweat a lot, it is a great mix 🙂
I like the feeling that Clem is always present and transmits us her confidence and experience. Namaste lovely Clem
Carolina, Co-CEO Caro's Blumen

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About me

My journey

I was born with a heart defect that meant that I would get out of breath a lot faster than the other kids. Amazingly, as I grew up my heart healed itself, but I always saw myself as “not made for sports”.

Unfortunately, I worked a sedentary job, which meant I moved less and less. 

When I was 27, overweight and depressed, I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. I started to eat better and forced myself to exercise. Very quickly I realised that there’s no such thing as “not being made for sports”, I just had to find out what worked for me.

I discovered yoga through fitness and strength training. First as a way to stretch my body after hard lifting sessions, but very soon, I fell in love with the entire practice.

I was amazed at what my body was capable of, after a lifetime of thinking that I was too weak, too fat, too lazy to do anything.

This, the simple joy of being able to breathe freely and the sense of calm that overwhelmed me after each practice made me want to include yoga into my life even more. I was lucky enough to practice with incredible teachers who inspired me to share my passion for yoga with my own students.

Why do I teach yoga?

Yoga has changed my life for the better, and simply put, I want to help people feel better too. What I love about yoga is that it doesn’t require any physical skills, any particular equipment or time investment. Anybody can start practicing yoga today and feel the benefits almost immediately.

My aim as a teacher is to inspire my students to take charge of their own health and well-being.

My teaching style and certifications

My teaching style is calm and down-to-earth. I weave the philosophical aspects of yoga with my knowledge of anatomy and neurophysiology to design classes that are inspired by Indian wisdom but rooted in modern science. I often include MFR (myofascial release), a self-massage technique that complements yoga postures beautifully.

I got certified in 2016 at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa, India. Since then, I have never stopped studying and obtained several other certifications, including in pre and postnatal yoga. I am currently studying to become a Therapeutic Specialist with Yoga Medicine.

If you’d like to see a more detailed list of my certifications, I encourage you to look at my LinkedIn profile and connect with me there!

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