I don’t like fear-mongering. I love coffee.

But I do think it’s important to know that caffeine is not an innocuous drug.

☕ It stays in your system for a LONG time

If you have a cup of coffee at 12, 1/4 of this caffeine could still be in your body at 10pm, keeping you buzzed 😵‍💫

The higher the dose, the stronger the effect, even after 10 hours.

☕ It makes you tired and wired

Caffeine is anxiogenic: if you’re prone to anxiety, it will make it worse.

If you’ve ever felt exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep because of nervous energy, you know what I’m talking about.

☕ Even if you sleep, you won’t sleep well

“I can sleep after an espresso!” Yes, but not well.

Caffeine suppresses between 13% and 30% of our deep sleep, which is when we consolidate memories, regulate blood sugar levels and cleanse the brain of metabolic waste (among other things).

Lack of deep sleep has recently been linked to an increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease, and that’s enough to make me wanna protect it at all costs!

If you love your brain more than you love coffee, consider having your last cup around lunchtime at the latest ✌️

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