You can’t really “fail” at meditating because there are no rules. The only way you can fail, really, is by not doing it 😄

So I would recommend lowering the barrier to action to the minimum.

Here are three tips I give my clients who want to start meditating but are afraid of failing at it.

1- Pick the best time for you to do it.

Is it in the morning as part of your routine? During your lunch break because your kid is at school and you’re not as rushed? In the evening as a way to relax your mind before sleep?
Pick a time and stick to it, make it your new routine.

2- Start with just a few minutes.

And don’t increase the time until you feel like it’s really not enough and you want more. Make sure the habit of doing it is well settled before increasing the time.

3- Embrace the challenge!

It is meant to be hard, but remember: you can’t fail. See if you can approach it with curiosity, like a game. There are no high stakes. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t succeed at following the breath. It’s just practice.

There’s nothing to lose 💜