The 4 techniques I’ve been using daily to help recovering from my tendonitis.

⚠️ It is what works for me, for my pain, at the moment. In no way am I saying you should all do that if you have any kind of shoulder pain.

What I love about those though (and MFR in general) is that your body tells you immediately if it feels good and useful or painful and you should back off.

Why does it help?

When part of your body is injured and can’t function properly, the muscles around compensate and work harder to cover for it (how brilliant is the body? Very brilliant.)

The massage helps rehydrating these hard working tissues, stimulates blood flow in the area (helping my body heal), releases tension and also triggers a relaxation response through my whole body.

And it feels really really good, which always helps when you’re in pain.

  1. The first one targets the upper back (traps and rhomboids). I roll the ball around the shoulder blade and look for points of tension. Then I stay and try to relax using my breath.
  2. The second one is the pec. My tendonitis actually comes from there, so I try to relax this muscle so that it doesn’t pull as much on the inflamed tendon.
  3. My bicep feels very tensed since the injury, working overtime. It feels good to consciously relax it.
  4. My upper traps are ALWAYS tensed especially when I’m stressed. I bet you can relate. This little massage is magic 🪄 I’ve actually shared it before on this blog!

Any questions, anything I can help with, let me know!