We are busy people. We live in extremely stressful times. And we keep being told that we don’t do enough.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to do more, be more productive, be better.

One of my favourite aspects of yoga and myofascial work is that it’s teaching me the opposite: less is more.

One of my students is currently very busy at work, he has a 2 year old, he’s got a respiratory infection and he’s in the middle of moving house. (I know!)

Should he force himself to train for an hour everyday? Should he feel bad he doesn’t have the energy to do more? Or should he listen to the needs of his body and do what he can?

He chose the latter and the quote above is what he told me when I checked in with him.

And how cool is that? 5 minutes of this simple movement and a bit of meditation on the breath was enough to go from “close to a nervous breakdown” to “calm and collected”.

I’m not saying that’s all anyone should ever do.
But that it doesn’t take much, and that the combination of knowing what’s good for us and practicing self-compassion is extremely potent, especially in stressful times.

📸: left is “Cat pose”, right is “Cow pose”

If you need help to manage your health with a busy schedule, feel free to shoot me a message. I’ll help as much as I can 😊