As much as it’s good to have goals, it’s also a good idea to think about why we want to be able to achieve something.

One of my students big goal is to be able to touch his toes with the legs straight.

Why? What does that mean to him? How does he feel every time he tries to touch his toes and fails?
What will happen once he’s achieved this? Is he going to stop doing yoga and lose the flexibility he’s gained? Or is it more likely that a new goal will arise?
And what if he never achieves this for whatever reason? Would that be terrible? Would it mean that all those yoga lessons were pointless?

Having a goal that motivates you to practice regularly is a fantastic idea, but not so much if you get so attached to it that it brings up stress, anxiety and feelings of failure.

Enjoy the process with the confidence that every time you come to your mat and practice, your body learns, adapts, changes. And you receive benefits way beyond being able to “nail” a specific pose. ✨