You might be wondering why I’ve been talking so much about sleep lately, since I’m a yoga teacher, not a sleep doctor.
Thing is, the work I do with my students goes well beyond making them more flexible.

People often come to me with a history of pain, discomfort, anxiety and stress that has worn down their nervous system. How can you hope to get rid of pain when all your muscles are tensed?

How can you become more flexible when you’re stressed out of your mind?
How can you feel good in your body and mind when you are sleep-deprived?

It just doesn’t compute.

The aim of my work is to help you become more resilient in body and mind. And we can’t do that without looking at the big picture.
Flexibility is just a by-product.

I want you to be able to enjoy your life to the fullest and it cannot happen if you are feeling like poo because you are sleep-deprived.

Knowing that caffeine stays in your body for up to 10 hours can help you time your last cup of coffee better.
If you thought alcohol was a sleep-aid, knowing how bad it can disrupt your sleep might help you drink a little less often in the evening.

I’m not expecting you to live like a monk.

My whole philosophy is that knowledge leads to more mindfulness in our decisions. And I’m aiming to take the best decision for my body and mind 80% of the time.

If this philosophy speaks to you and you’d like to create better habits to improve your sleep, reduce your stress and increase your mobility, shoot me a message